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Booking with Cititravels

Covid has brought up unprecedented challenges for the travel industry. However, these challenges have been seen as a way of new opportunities by us at Cititravels. The crisis has taught us a lot more about how to develop new and convenient ways for customers to plan and book their holidays. We at Cititravels believe in providing customers a memorable experience by adopting an extremely personalized and frictionless approach towards planning their flight or holiday requirement. We have an eye for detail and believe that - flights, packages, lodging, itineraries, pre-sales/after-sales queries, customer service, payment process, online portal, etc. – everything accounts towards customer experience. For the same, we are always enthusiastic about continuously reviewing and improving our ways to facilitate our customers in all the walks of holiday planning.

Hassle-Free Booking Process

Our website, www.cititravels.net, provides a hassle-free process for booking flights. It provides all features required to implement an effective flight search. The search results are also displayed in a user-friendly way so as to give maximum information which helps in deciding the right option for the customer. Error-free Review and Payment Process of our website adds to the convenience and confidence in booking flights on real-time basis.

We also have an array of holiday packages and hotels on offer. These are displayed on the website and updated regularly. One can easily post a query regarding any holiday package or hotel and get a prompt response to avail a personalized help in booking the holiday.


As a way to thank our customers, we at Cititravels roll out discounts/offers from time to time for our existing and new customers. Flights and Holiday Booking can sometimes be an expensive affair, however, we aim at minimizing this constraint so that our customers do not have to compromise on their much awaited travel plans. Several customers have benefitted till date with our exciting discounts and offer vouchers. These discount schemes are regularly reviewed and displayed on our website so that travelling can be an economical affair for our customers.

Customer Support

Achieving Customer Satisfaction is at the core of Cititravels. We are very Customer Centric and aim to resolve all queries to the best of our abilities. Be it a pre-sale query or an after-sale query, we dig out every possible way to resolve the query so that our customers feel confident about their travel plans and can make effective decisions. Customers can reach us 24/7 through phone & email to seek help in regard to their travel issues – we are happy to help!!!

One Stop Solution

Cititravels also aims at making our customers’ lives easy by providing an array of travel solutions. Once at Cititravels, the customer need not wander to manage different vendors to build up an effective travel plan. From Land to Air and from Air to Seas, we have all solutions for the travel. Besides travel tickets we also provide customers with Visa Assistance and Airport Pick-Drop Transfers. We are also coordinated with Locals to provide Excursions and Sightseeing Activities to make the travel a memorable one !

Social Responsibility

Cititravels is aware and conscious of its social responsibilities as a business. We make sure that our business activities are ecofriendly and do not harm the environment to the best of our knowledge. We do not print on papers unless it is very essential and try to ‘keep it on screen’. In terms of staffing, we believe in equal opportunity. Fair Pay to every employee is at the core of our business ethics. We make sure that working conditions in our office are reviewed at regular intervals. We are also apprehensive about keeping ties with NGOs and other Social Organizations so as to help the deprived sections of our society by donating an appropriate portion of our earnings.